November 06, 2017

3 Ways To Relax After A Long Day

Feeling tense and worn out is almost inevitable if you don't spend enough time relaxing.

Without taking time out for yourself, the stress gradually builds up to a breaking point.

Instead of getting frazzled and run-down, have a break and seek a few quick, tried and true pick-me-ups.

I’ve been trying these myself with amazing results 😀

#1 - Get outside in nature more often - The benefits of spending more time outside in nature have now been proven by science, so after a long day go for a nice stroll down at the nearest park or forest!

#2 - Be more mindful - This is really the art of allowing thoughts to arise without reacting to them.  Just simply sit in a comfy position, breathe and focus on your breath.  Whenever a thought pops up, just observe, don’t react.

#3 - Give more - This may sound ambiguous but trust me on this.  When you give a gift, a favor, your time, your attention...whatever it is, you will feel a deep sense of gratitude and happiness.

Amy - Head Of Happiness

November 03, 2017

10 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be Incredibly Happy

Life often throws up unexpected situations that leave us feeling lost at sea with no shore in sight.

So what can we do to get us through these tough times and back to feeling good again?

Well as the Head Of Happiness here at Pandora’s Box I’ve got this covered (with the help of some proven science!).

Here Are 10 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be Incredibly Happy:

  1. Exercise: 7 Minutes Could Be Enough

  2. Sleep More: You'll Be Less Sensitive to Negative Emotions

  3. Spend More Time With Friends/Family: Money Can't Buy You Happiness

  4. Get Outside More: Happiness is Maximized at 57°

  5. Help Others: 100 Hours a Year is the Magic Number

  6. 6. Practice Smiling: Reduce Pain, Improve Mood, Think Better

  7. 7. Plan a Trip: It Helps Even if You Don't Actually Take One

  8. 9. Move Closer to Work: A Short Commute is Worth More Than a Big House

  9. 10. Practice Gratitude: Increase Happiness and Satisfaction


You can try just one or try them all!

But remember happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey 😀

There isn’t enough space here to elaborate on the 10 ways I listed above, so you can just go check out this article that I found them in!

Anyhow, that’s it from me 😀

Amy - Head Of Happiness

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November 01, 2017

The Meaning of The Butterfly

Do you remember as a kid when you used to chase butterflies all over your garden?

You thought they were the prettiest and most magical little things.

Maybe you used to (attempt to) draw them, or even eat them!

And as you grew older your fascination deepened as you learned that the beautiful butterfly started off as an ugly little caterpillar!

What an amazing transformation 😀

It’s in this process that the meaning of the butterfly was formed in our culture and specifically jewelry.

The butterfly represents a symbol of transformation because of its impressive metamorphosis--from caterpillar to chrysalis and ultimately, the butterfly.

Butterflies also symbolize spring, a celebratory time of year, and embody the beauty of symmetry, pattern, color, and shape.

Maybe you haven’t connected the dots up until now...

But what an amazing thing to be reminded of!

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